Channel Letter SignsA dimensional aesthetic

Channel Letter Signs

Why Choose Channel Letters?

To put it simply, Channel Letter Signs are three dimensional. When compared to flat signs, three dimensional signs send a subconscious signal to buyers that your business is better equipped to offer high quality goods and services. Despite the name, channel letter signs aren’t limited to lettering. Anything that can be done on a flat sign is also possible on a channel letter sign. Incorporate your logo and make your sign a memorable part of your brand identity!

What Options Do You Have with Channel Letter Signs?

Whether you need a complicated custom design or budget conscious stock letters, Impact Signs will achieve your ideal business goals without exploiting your wallet. Go with an unlit sign or make your sign an attractive part of your city’s nightscape with illuminated lettering or choose LED lighting to decrease energy costs and help save the environment. Your imagination is the only limit on your sign!


  • Conveys longevity
  • Dimensional aesthetic
  • 24 hour advertising exposure

Channel letter signs look great day or night!

Make a great impression when your customers arrive.

Channel Letter Signs

Create a Custom Sign

  • Creates interest
  • Looks good
  • Unique

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Blue Background Light

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